• Buying & Fitting your New Bathroom

    Buying your new bathroom aswell as getting it fitted.

    You have had a conversation with a friend, Husband or partner and you decide to pop along to one of the many large multiple warehouses to choose a new bathroom suite. You choose one after looking through the multitude of shiny displays there are to choose from. A nice man or lady sits you down and draws you a nice picture of what your dream new bathroom will look like, that will be £7000 please, how would you like to pay?? Sir/Madam.

    If this sounds familiar to you please read on and you are guaranteed to save yourself quite a bit of money. As much as in our experience between from £2000 – £4000.

    Money Saving 1, Call out a plumber and find out what you can or cannot have. A good installer will surprise you with the amount of great ideas and money saving advice. The amount of times our installers visit a property and the customer does not realise they can have the toilet moved. Or a larger bath fitted. Maybe add a shower you had no room for. In addition installers will also fit many little extras such as down lighters. Ask about bathroom accessories which would be an additional cost.

    Money Saving 2, Armed with your list of products required you can now compare prices across the high street and the web. Ensure you are not paying too high a price for your goods. This alone could save you hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

    Money Saving 3, When you get a quote from the installer it should state a price for the complete job. Exactly what work will be carried out and what you need to arrange separately and how long it will take. This is also the time to find out who will pay for any extras that arise.

    The pictures below give you an idea of the kind of bathroom products you can expect in a bathroom. We charge £3000 – £4000 including products and fitting & depends on size.

    back to wall wc pan and vanity unit.sink and vanity unit for your new bathroomnew bathShower head and riser

    modern mixer tapmonoblock mixer tap

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