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    RMJ Ceramics specialize in Bathrooms Cardiff, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in all our houses. A bathroom isn’t simply a necessity though, it’s where you go to relax after a hard day, the room you doll yourself up in before a night out, added to that, the cost of buying your first home is now way beyond most young couples. Many parents are finding their married children and often their children moving in for the foreseeable future. All this is putting your bathroom under such constant use that it make more sense to add another.

    Here are some ideas on how to solve the problem and add value to your property. Look at our website or if you are local and looking for bathrooms Cardiff, visit us at our Lamby Way store.


    It may seem like a daunting task. But if you have a large bedroom it is possible with the use of a mascerator to add a second bathroom where it was previously impossible. Having a bathroom attached to the bedroom is not only convenient; it can give a couple a bit of personal space. The kids and house guests can use the standard bathroom, whereas you and your partner can have your own. Complete with separate sinks and a two-headed shower or whatever you can fit in.

    Under the stairs

    Whilst not every house has enough room under the stairs many houses do, and they can be no more expensive than any other space to convert. With a toilet and vanity basin enough to free up your main bathroom.


    Converting one end of your kitchen is another way to add a bathroom and most of the utilities are close to hand making a conversion quick and simple. In most cases and it will be a great idea if your extra house guests are utilising a downstairs room as a bedroom.

    Garage Conversion

    Garage conversions are now very popular and you can end up with a self-contained flat that boasts an open plan bedroom. Full kitchen and full bathroom as shown in pictures below in this double conversion.

    This gives extra living space outside of the main property and with the added advantages of loved ones are close at hand and maintain current house space. No need for a large mortgage and added value to your property should you ever sell up.

    Bathrooms Cardiff – Summary

    Whatever you end up doing adding an extra bathroom will in most cases add value to your property. RMJ Ceramics are great for great bathrooms Cardiff.

    Get quotes for the work from several companies and ask for photographs and references of their work.

    Remember you have to make a mess, further more, to have improvement and enjoy the benefits your new bathroom

    Shower Room - Supplied by RMJ Ceramics

    Shower Room

    Tiles, shower and shower screen supplied by RMJ Ceramics, Supplier of Bathrooms Cardiff


    Supplied by RMJ Ceramics, Cardiff Bathroom Supplier

    Special Basin and Tap

    bathroom will bring.

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